Hi! I’m Frankie, a PhD student in Biomechanics at Penn State University. I received my undergrad in Sport and Exercise Science, followed by a Masters in Sports Biomechanics – both degrees obtained in the UK – before moving out to the USA to develop further as a scientist.

I started this adventure of moving countries back in 2015, with the stressful, necessary evil that is grad school applications! The relief was palpable when I received grad school offers in early 2016. Then the chaos that is finding places to live, figuring out visas, and moving countries happened while simultaneously trying to finish my masters before I started my PhD in August 2016.

My research interests focus on joint function and mechanics, specifically applied to orthopedic applications. My PhD topic is still being fine-tuned, but I am currently working on how total ankle replacements change the joint mechanics.

Outside of academia, I have many interests. I spent some time traveling, visiting Australia, New Zealand, Thailand, Bali, Singapore, Malaysia, Morocco, Egypt, Dubai, various countries in Europe and driving across the USA. Spending time in these different cultures introduced me to a number of local foods, and I love attempting to recreate some of my favorite dishes at home. Living in central PA, I am lucky enough to go hiking in many beautiful national parks and wildlife reserves. Other sporting interests include weightlifting, yoga, wakeboarding and waterskiing, and trying to surf. Since moving to the US, I’ve found myself enjoying American Football, although I make no claim to understand all the rules yet!