Today I ended up having a chat with a lab mate over coffee about interesting and novel ways of communicating science. This is something I think we as scientists recognize as a challenge to disseminating our findings, but struggle to implement effectively. My friend mentioned a video she saw on Twitter (link here), which was a PhD thesis summarized into a short animation. I think this is a cool idea, and would be great to see more science communicated this way. Another way is that from Lizooth Sloot, where she made her thesis a blog (click here to check it out)!

In biomechanics specifically, I could see findings from simulations, motion analysis, and experiments being communicated very clearly through video – and we do it to a certain extent at conferences. It would be great to put these videos onto websites with little jargon so others who may not be in the field, or are just starting out can learn.

I remember first starting to read journal articles and feeling very daunted by the fancy language, the official looking layout, the black-and-white figures and the assumptions of a background knowledge. It would have been useful to have the findings, which I was interested in, communicated in a less isolating way. More and more scientists are trying to do this – take Richard Baker’s blog as a great example of disseminating science in an interactive and fun way!

With this blog, I’m going to try and demystify the world of grad school, including the science that I encounter. So with that in mind, below I’m going to link some interesting blogs that talk about science (not specifically biomechanics, but hopefully related). I’m also going to feature a few “classic” papers and my interpretation of them, in addition to papers I’m reading for my own research. I’m also going to start an “equipment of the month” piece where I talk about different tools we have around the lab and how we use them, maybe comparing set-ups where I have experience in two or more systems and link some studies using the equipment I’ve talked about.


Science Blogs:

Walking with Richard – biomechanics, with a focus on clinical gait

It’s Okay to be Smart – a fun look at all things science

The Research Whisperer – life in academia

PhD Comics – not science specific, but very representative of grad school!

As I find more I’ll update, and please leave suggestions in the comments